Reply To: Introductions


I am Tim Dini (pronounced DEE-NEE), born and raised outside of Chicago (not my fault, but I am sorry about the community organizer thing). I am a recovered Republican Party precinct captain since studying Mises and Hayek.

My father was born and raised in a socialist Italy. Since around 1978, he and I continue to wrestle politically, but he is finally seeing the dire consequences of centralized public control mechanisms. Thank God he still has his mind open at 77 years of age.

I am a huge fan of Tom Woods and Kevin Gutzman. Their in-depth understanding of our constitution is both enlightening and addictive to me, especially as they relate to current day events. I remain stunned that two of my favorite intellects are involved together in one place.

Thank you Kevin and Tom! To help support your cause of teaching true liberty, I will be sharing and promoting Liberty Classroom.

I am blessed to have this opportunity.