Reply To: Income Inequality Chime-in


There’s a lot of discussion about the so called lack of progressivity of the tax code leading to more income inequality and its all BS.

One aspect of it being all BS is that America’s tax structure happens to be either at the top or near the top in “progressivity” in the OECD.

I don’t have any links for this handy at the moment – I’ve come across them in the past. Perhaps our professors do. I do know that Tom recently re-linked to several pieces on the halcyon ’50s.

Though I myself am not entirely able to step outside our present circumstances, and thus lead life with a sense of deep and profound tragedy, from time to time I do manage to adopt a detached perspective. . .and when that nirvana is achieved, I recognize that what we are in, from that perspective, is A New Era of Lulz: the left is always going on and on about how the right is trying to “drag people back to the ’50s” and “wants to turn the clock back,” but in reality no one is more reactionary, no one is more opposed to changing the status quo, than the “progressive” left.

Meanwhile, for people like us, there is nothing we hope for so much as change.