Reply To: Income Inequality Chime-in


There’s a lot of discussion about the so called lack of progressivity of the tax code leading to more income inequality and its all BS.
Several left leaning acquaintances of mine have cited this NY times article and the congressional study here as more evidence that top marginal rates are not associated with lower economic growth. I insist that the burden of proof is on the left to prove that higher rates did NOT impeded growth. They consistently leave out the fact that the real effective rates in the 1950 were lower despite higher published marginal rates.

I found a discssion of Mitt Romney’s father : George’s Tax returns with ACtuall published rates of taxation. I think to really rest this case we have to produce actual tax returns from real people to prove this

See this discssion of George Romney’s taxes:

and the NYtimes article:

and the congressional study…check out the bottom of page nine for a ridiculous discussion of capital gains rates:
Michael fleischer