Reply To: How do you guys keep going?


Great topic, Pete. The question I have sort of falls under this category. I was listening to a podcast called A Christian and an Athiest (no longer produced) and they were discussing what political persuasion Jesus would have been. The athiest suggested communist and the Christian suggested libertarian. Obviously, this boils down to a conversation in which both participants believe in helping his fellow man. The issue is force vs. coercion.

The Ron Paul libertarian/Christian on the show could have done a better job making his case. Can those of us who are more liberty-minded reasonably expect there to be enough charitable donation in a free society to still be considered.humane? Did government only step in because there was a real need or did government produce a definciency in charitable contributions through overtaxation. How do we show that we are willing to voluntarily care for those in need?

Sorry if there are typos. I’m posting from my phone in my carpool to work. I look forward to the responses and to reading Prof. Casey’s suggestions.