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I would also like to point out that the assertion that “labor” “businesses” and “investors” are three mutually exclusive classes is absurd, in and of itself.

Every individual is a laborer. Bill Gates, Mitt Romney, and Warren Buffet all sell their labor to one extent or another. A “business” is nothing more than a mutual association of individual laborers. Why businesses have to pay taxes at all is beyond me. Furthermore, the success of businesses contribute directly to the quality of life of individuals. If Apple’s taxes are increased, your Iphone will cost more. The classification of “investor” is also silly. Almost all Americans are investors in one aspect or another. Anyone who has a pension plan, an IRA, or a 401k is almost certainly an investor and will see their retirement savings diminished as a result of increased capital gains taxes.

To pretend that labor, business, and investors are all completely separate and opposing interests is absurd. A large majority of Americans are a part of all three of these groups.