Reply To: Hebrew history — religious bias?


Dr. J, I beg to disagree. The Hebrew faith did not later become known as Judaism. Judaism started after the capture by the Babylonians and completely corrupted the Hebrew faith. The Hebrews also inter-married with the Babylonians and other peoples (such as the Kenites) and lost not only their religious but also their ethnic heritage. One of the missions of Jesus Christ was to expose this corruption. As I said, he called them the synagogue of Satan.

The Hebrew faith is still the Hebrew faith practiced by some who are truely descendants of the 12 tribes and have not been corrupted. So called Judaism was further developed by the Khazar kingdom when they converted to Judaism in the 7th century A.D. They are the Ashkenazi Jews. These people never were related to the 12 tribes and never set foot in the land of Israel until they established the phoney Zionist movement. Here is a link that may help you understand what really happened: