Reply To: Greetings from Beijing!


Matt, for what it’s worth, thank you for the introduction and I rather look forward to reading your future posts.

If you can find value in libertarianism why keep it to yourself? What good does it do us as some ideal held privately, so with each passing slight on mankind we can quietly say to ourselves “if only”. We have an opportunity to help others understand that there is another way. Is it the ultimate paragon for society, who knows? I have no Marxian delusions of utopia, not due to fallibility within libertarian ideology but because we are and should never be anything but individuals. If more people become aware of the possibilities, maybe we can put this to the test.

As much as Tom Woods got me interested in Austrian Economics and many other related topics it was Dr. Casey’s logic preview that ultimately caused me to sign up. Something about that guy, just a real cool cucumber.

I would be interested to know your opinions on the demeanor of the people over there and how they interact with their government.

On behalf of myself and I am unanimous on this, welcome to liberty classroom.