Reply To: GDP


Ultimately, I guess the left doesn’t want growth–just redistribution. Hasn’t it always been the goal of the left (or socialists) to destroy the “bourgeoisie”? Do they believe that the proletariat is worse off with a burgeoning middle class when it has actually included the labor force? Is the intent on killing the entrepreneur even when he has raised with the workings of a more unhampered economy its standard of living? Maybe you should direct the conversation to what the end game is. It would appear that the left is so caught up in its original intent that it cannot see the light. Indeed, I would say, the socialists have thrown in with the elitists to meet their end–a greater portion of the world’s capital. How are the socialists suppose to get rid of the rulers once the competitive market economy is destroyed? Will they finally reach their nirvana when the whole world is in squalor?