Reply To: Favorite book advocating liberty and free markets?


Blake. Yes, Lessons for the Young Economist, by Robert P. Murphy and Economics for Real People, by Gene Callahan are the two introductory books that I also found to be good intro to Austrian Economics. I wonder if an Introduction to Economic Reasoning by David Gordon would also be a good book to serve as an introductory book?

I haven’t read Conceived in Liberty, A Beautiful Anarchy by Tucker, or The Great Fiction by Hoppe yet. Conceived in liberty doesn’t really fit my criteria, and the scary ‘A’ word is going to scare most people off from reading A Beautiful Anarchy by Tucker.

The Economics and Ethics of Private Property by Hoppe, while an excellent book, is a bit technical and is very heavy reading. I also enjoyed A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism, and Democracy: the God that failed. I would probably recommend A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism to someone before the other two books, but it would depend on the individual, as the other books might not be suitable to recommend to the average person on the street.