Reply To: Exercise tools


Hello Dorian. Yes, the books I list in the course all contain exercises of various kinds. The McCall book is particularly good. But almost any book on logic that you can find in your local library (if it’s a good one) or your local college or university library should have sections of exercises.

I’m a great fan of the internet and I’m sure that a search there with terms such as ‘logic exercises’, ‘simple conversion’ etc. etc. should turn up some interesting material.

If there was a demand, I could put together a Word file with some exercises on any topic that students of the course might find useful. I’m not in a position to do this immediately (rushing to finish writing deadlines!) but, if people thought it useful, it’s something I should be able to do in about three weeks or so.

Hope you are finding the course interesting. Don’t forget, if you have questions or comments, you can add to existing posts or start one of your own.