Reply To: Everybody against the minimum wage?


I wholeheartedly agree. But the idea that “the Founders” were all exponents of classical liberalism is not. Hamilton was on the fringe definitely, but still a proud proponent of the main tenet of liberalism: private property as the means of production. Did Hamilton ever suggest or support that the federal government had a power to establish minimum wage laws upon the people generally? Probably not. Or upon its employees, only? Maybe. Did he establish minimum wage guidelines for the Treasury Dept. when he was there? Maybe. Did he suggest or support that New York establish minimum wage laws generally upon the people of that state? Probably not. Or upon its employees, only? Possibly. Did he established a minimum wage for the employees of his law firm? Possibly. We’ll probably never know the answers for sure because we don’t care to look. But my hunch is that Hamilton understood the key jurisdictional issues involved with the minimum wage and never ventured into the general authority realm because the power simply doesn’t exist under a liberal system.