Reply To: Everybody against the minimum wage?


From the point of view of classical liberalism, of which the Founder’s were proud espousers, the power to determine what was a fair minimum wage was solely an individual’s power. To grant to government such a power would constitute such a gross violation of property and contract rights that to just consider such a grant of power would constitute lunacy. But of course the individual right was well recognized not just for natural persons but for entities of all kinds, including governments. For example the Federal government can require that its officers and employees will never be paid less than a certain minimum wage. It can require that companies that contract with it to abide by its minimum wage guidelines or, for that matter, its prevailing wage guidelines. It can also require that its employees, officers and contractors participate in a social insurance ponzi scheme. Or a corrupt medical insurance program! The States could adopt these guidelines for themselves and their employees and contractors, as well. Private companies which have no federal or state connections could also adopt these guidelines. But nowhere, here in America, has a grant of power been given to governments to determine what the minimum wage is for private sector individuals or companies. Or to require them to participate in Social Security or Obamacare. We are outside of their jurisdiction, but we can ignorantly enter it voluntarily. Big oppressive governments like it when we do.