Reply To: Economics: Scarcity and the Law of Association


Here is the classification system of goods in economics:

Circumstances of Action
1. General Conditions
2. Means (Goods)
**a. Directly Serviceable – Consumer Goods
**b. Indirectly Serviceable
****1. Producer Goods
******a. Original
********1. Land (Natural Resources)
********2. Labor (Human Effort)
******b. Produced – Capital Goods
****2. Media of Exchange

(After posting this I can see that it won’t indent. So I inserted the asterisks.)

All means are scarce. The law of association refers to the fact that surface area of the earth is (at least currently) greater than the human population has brought into use. In other words, there is idle land. If the human population grew past the point that every possible area on the surface of the earth was occupied with human activity, then there would be idle people. (Maybe future technology would allow human activity underground and underwater as well. In which case, human population would have to grow to surpass that limit as well.)