Reply To: Dr. J, Follow up Questions from live Q&A


I was wrestling with Livingston’s assessment in the video about planting libertarianism in the metaphysical parties group. What you say about it makes sense as I can find agreement with an atheist for a long way in libertarianism. When we reach disagreement it is often after we have left the realm of politics, so it was difficult for me to see the ‘Midas Touch’ argument Livingston made applying.

I’ve returned the “Rousseau’s Dog” book to the library already. I did not find it too particularly helpful for the paper. The author appears to firmly be on Rousseau’s side so it was a bit like listening to one long rant from someone I disagree with. Again your “How to Read a Book” recommendation has saved me time, effort, and discomfort. A quick inspectional reading yielded an awareness of his argument and quotes for my paper.

I’m very sympathetic to Hume and find myself giving him the benefit of the doubt quite often.