Reply To: Did the states REALLY have the right to secede?


Thanks Brion, that certainly helps clarify the issue.

Could you also address the doctrine of “co-equal” states or “sister states” as you refer to them in one lecture? Where should one go to support this doctrine? I know you cited the clause “between the states so ratifying the same,” but I still find this wording confusing. Does it mean “the states have ratified the constitution in the same way” or does it mean “the states that have ratified the constitution have equal freedom/sovereignty” or does it mean something else??

Are there other places we can go to support the idea of “co-equal states” being a commonly understood belief?

Any help is always appreciated. When people are so caught off guard when someone makes the argument that states had the right to secede, they fight tooth and nail to challenge any argument you make. So I just want to sure up what I am saying so I can present a compelling case.