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Hi nymanager,
Here is a link to one theory of debt-free money, among many different theories with similar short falls. Such as Monetarism, MMT and Greenbackers. Tom takes on some greenbacker claims. I have yet to find the guru of this group but if frequent Tom Woods antagonist, FauxCapitalist, gives any indication, then Anthony Migchels might be the guy to checkout. He has a blog and some truly snooze worthy youtube videos, Enjoy.

While perusing the Fauxcapitalism site I came across a remarkable comment by one of their readers. I do not wish to conflate this persons views with that of anyone else, but coming from a self professed “recovering austrian”, I can not imagine how little effort must have been employed in considering himself an Austrian in the first place. So purely for shock and jaw dropping befuddlement, I present:


Thanks for the site!

Another “recovering austrian” here, hehe.

But I’ve come to the conclusion money is evil, it’s a bad,unnecesary invention, help yourself, in rural communities.

World before money was better.

They try to contain the debate in the “the current system is bad,banks, bad economy, not working for us… so they attack first with oh, the current system is bad,it’s temporary, just let’s go back to gold/silver and forget this episode…”
No, this is a continuation of the scam known as money.

Freemen have LAND, that’s it, not coins of adamantium or whatever,I don’t care.
Freemen have LAND and communities/tribes,a “folk”.


The bigest austrian lie is the “spontaneous” evolution of the “institution of money”.

Money is roman, positive, state law. Not “natural”.

Gold was in very few places,and hard to extract and manufacture, and unnecesary, humanity survived for long without it, so, why the need?

Capitalism is not economics, it’s control, a tractor is not more efficient than 50 neighbors working their own field in a day.

Think on the real cost of the machine, the mines, the development, the needed highways, the petrol, the seller, technicians, the bankers who would OWN now the fields as “security” for the machine…

And they would then centralize the food production in one person, the machine.
Before, working the fields was your right and your food, your security.

If a machine from someone else does it… you’ll have to beg the owner, work in his system…