Reply To: Corporate profits, all time high?


Not sure if this is relevant to your question, but it always amuses me when people (usually leftists) yell about “record-breaking” profits or how profits are at an “all-time high”?

Is this not a universally good thing? Companies cannot profit without selling things of value to consumers. If Apple’s profits are at an all-time high, it is because more people have Iphones than ever before. Should this not be a cause for celebration rather than condemnation?

Also, anyone who is at all familiar with business knows that growth is absolutely critical. Given this, every company everywhere absolutely intends for its profits to constantly grow, and to have “record-breaking profits” which are at an “all-time high” every quarter, and every year. While this may not be a realistic goal in the real world, it certainly could be if we were to eliminate the government interventions into the economy which create business cycles.