Reply To: Climate Change


Hi CEOoftheSOFA,

I’m not so sure about part of your conclusion. The people of undeveloped nations would probably like to develop. It seems to me, all this hoopla about climate change is being used to bring about things like cap and trade. This is a protectionist racket used to ensure only the largest and most wealthy firms are able to exist. In other words, smaller firms that cannot bear the additional costs find themselves effectively barred from entry. I would bet that if these large firms find the additional carbon costs too much, some sort of subsidy will come their way.

What is an imbalance, we are told the climate has changed in the past, we are told it is changing now, what is balancing it? People have always lived around rivers, the rivers flooded so they lived outside of the flood plane, Now we live in the flood plane and act shocked when there is a flood. Humans have the ability to adapt to their environment and have the nerve to wave their hands when the environment doesn’t adapt to us.