Reply To: Class assignment. Moot court. Pick a side and present oral argument.


I’m the second guy. Yes the audio is scratchy. We have to write the opinion for the case by Monday.I think I can handle the taxing clause portion but I must say the lefts constitutional logic basing their arguments on EMTALA has really got me in a loop.
I’m pulling my hair out. They may have a constitutional point if we are viewing it from the wickurd/raich point of view. The federal government may have legally bound us all in commerce through EMTALA in the 80’s. Now what.Square zero.

If this werent a courtroom setting i’d rail on about how this is exactly why we cant trust the federal government with anything but alas im here trying to argue against obamacare on legal grounds not on policy grounds …perhaps there is some leeway for slight policy arguments …but only slightly.

What have have they done to my country.How the hell did we get to where the state thinks its being nice by providing free emergency room coverage to every one and supposedly binding everyone into commerce. Then forcing us into commerce to pay for it. All because of the commerce and necessary and proper clause? Lord have mercy on us all.Were doomed.MF’ing doomed.