Reply To: Class assignment. Moot court. Pick a side and present oral argument.


Is taxation theft? If so, is theft ok? If not, what are we really arguing?

It’s Moot Court, not Foundational Principles so he has to play their silly little games – just like the rest of us in somewhat similar situations.

I mean, we can blow off the task he’s assigned but he can’t, he asked for advice on how to proceed in making the argument he was assigned, and pointed out the professor doesn’t put up with substituting some other argument.

In a sane world things would be different.

Now, it is true that deontologically we could all refuse to do anything that would involve trimming of any sort, and not get the credentials they require us to have in order to succeed in what we want to pursue in the society they created, and live as aesthetic monks. But until then it is what it is and I for one don’t like to scoff at the compromises others feel they have to make to survive in this degenerate age, when I know I’ve had to.

If you manage to get through life (by which I mean IRL, not just the tubes, where it is easy to talk a good game) without making any compromises whatsoever when presenting a message in front of NORPs (no link for this acronym; you’ll have to search it yurself and may gawd have mercy on your SOULS if you do), then you’re leading a blessed life and a phalanx of guardian angels are looking out for you and if that isn’t proof of Gawd’s existence, then nothing is, and I envy you. Because not all of us are so blessed and even our gracious hosts sometimes tailor their message to their audiences.