Reply To: Class assignment. Moot court. Pick a side and present oral argument.


Is taxation theft? If so, is theft ok? If not, what are we really arguing?
To ask the State, which is the ultimate arbiter of all disputes including disputes that involve itself, to apply justice, is something that just will not be. The best of arguments against Obamacare mean what? Nothing really. Not when the arbiter gets to decide whether it is right or wrong, and when it comes to the State, the monopoly of force and power, what decision will it make? To grow.
Little victories here or there in the courts don’t mean a darn thing.
The real question is this, is theft wrong. Yes. So taxation is wrong. Fighting over who will pick the cotton won’t achieve anything. You are still a slave.
The strongest argument is simple, taxation is theft, under any means, to argue over whether Stevens is correct to say the Congress can tax us this way is not even the point. Of course Congress can tax us, It can tax us any darn way it wants to because it has the monopoly of force.
Is the flat tax, fair tax, or the income tax or any tax better is not the real question.

Is tax theft?

Not, who will pick the cotton?