Reply To: Chisholm v. Georgia


It’s not a matter of which “I prefer” or of which “I favor.” I was simply exercising critical thinking as it applies to this case and the importance of private property and contractual agreements. I understand that at the end of the day we need a final decision, and the law as it’s prescribed in the constitution is a wonderful start. I did not wish to challenge anyone assertions, this was simply me working through this conundrum, in my head, and looking to see if others could provide insight (of which everyone did).

I understand, and totally agree that it’s best we have “courts of law” instead of a “courts of justice” where every newly appointed federal judge gets his/her crack at “setting the record straight,” “social justice” or any other Leftist-judicial crusades.

As a believer in private property and contractual agreement, I suppose I am guilty of want the law to bend to my political biases. So, in closing, I agree it’s best for everyone to have law as an “absolute.” Making too many exceptions to the rules, (even in upholding contracts) can be a dangerous road to go down. As our modern judicial system has displayed.