Reply To: Best Colleges


I would agree with Tom. In my own college experience, I read libertarian writers and watched nearly every Ron Paul and Mises U vid ever in my spare time.

I had a friend whose sister came back from college indoctrinated, so I understand the concern. However, as libertarians, we must get used to being the “away team” in political debates.

The best I can recommend is sending Derek to one or more summers at Mises U, so he can get a good economics and history background, and focus on his engineering studies during the regular school year.

A buddy of mine who teaches history was taught that Nullification was dreamed up by John C Calhoun(on a Tuesday afternoon I guess), so studying economics and history as a minor, I would consider a waste of time(since his career aspirations are in robotics).

For the robotics angle, when I worked at a hospital there were students who had come to install some robotics equipment for surgical applications, so schools with good medical connections might also be helpful since the engineering side of the healthcare field is always growing.