Reply To: Best book on the slaughterhouse cases?


While its heavily documented and historically accurate its quite an odd reading suggestion.

The Rothbardian solution would have been one that wasn’t used there; – rather than essentially cartelizing the New Orleans Slaughterhouses (IIRC closing all but 2 politically-selected ones), torts to keep them from dumpling their slime onto other people’s property (including waterways); then Rothbard would say, under his system, “we” wouldn’t be infecting “ourselves,” because the slaughterhouses could go about their business without depositing the viscera in this way, and the ones that could not afford to conduct their businesses properly would have been the ones that closed while the others would have remained open.

In regards to the other subject..the professor responded…the words “dead white men”

An ad hominem used to dismiss ideas he does not like based on their origins but without addressing the ideas themselves. If you’re able to be cheeky enough, point that out, and then point out that virtually all the ideas/methods of constitutional interpretation he does like (I’m assuming he’s some sort of progressive, Left Progressive or Liberal Progressive) originated with “dead white men” also, so invoking this purile phrase is rather inapt.