Reply To: Best book on the slaughterhouse cases?


The book talks about a realization of the city (pushed by the medical community) that something had to be done in regards to the amount of filth being dumped into the streets and river by local butchers anytime a new outbreak of yellow fever or cholera broke out .Political intransigence caused by private butcher interests however led to all laws and regulations enacted during the outbreak to be ignored once the epidemic was over. The argument (the authors don’t really make arguments but merrily write about history) if there is any seems to be that we need government to regulate us for if left to our own whims we are likely to poison ourselves.While its heavily documented and historically accurate its quite an odd reading suggestion. Up to page 53.

In regards to the professor: Well thats a shame.I’m sory you feel that way, I and I’m sure many others were enjoying the back and fourth sir.