Reply To: Axiom


Mr. Herbener,

One of the main Indian religious texts, Bhagavad Gita, advocates as a high spiritual achievement the “action in inaction and inaction in action”, that is, action without regard for the result. If a human being would achieve this goal of acting not for any particular result but simply staying inside a flow of spontaneous movement, being aware in a normal human way but not at all caring and simply following “a spontaneous flow of inspiration” – would that be then “not a human action”?

Let me be a bit more precise… if such a human moves around doing things spontaneously, without regard of any conscious result, like whether he lives or dies. feels pleasure or pain, comfort or discomfort… and while doing that his natural/unconscious instincts (or some unaccountable metaphysical miracles) bring about a result of him actually putting some nearby food in his mouth and eating it automatically, without conscious regard of eating-to-stay-alive-or-avoid-hunger, would that than be “not a human action”?