Reply To: Artificially Induced Wage Parity


My apologies Professor Herbener. I was either unclear about my intent or my question was irrelevant in light of reality. I agree with your response but that is because it seems self evident to me that lower level jobs would cease to exist or be given to automation, as you mention the robo flipper . I believe we see this already in the disappearance of the bag boy, where either the customer assumes responsibility or the cashier takes on the additional task, and even the cashier now finds themselves on the endangered list with the self checkout looming about.

Recently there have been a growing number of economists willing to claim that a minimum wage increase would have little or no effect on the number of low skill jobs that exist. Instead of arguing against that, I was attempting to explain that even if that where so, it would still have largely negative consequences for not only low skilled workers but for the middle class economy as a whole. I suppose it is of little use to base an argument on a faulty premiss but you know “when in Rome”. Once again I apologize, I don’t want you to think that I haven’t been paying attention.