Reply To: Are the Article V calls just a Red Herring?



I just finished reading over all those links… Quite a lot of information but at least it addressed some of the concerns I had with the convention. I did not realize that my objections had already been raised by other groups but apparently people have been thinking about how to fix the monster for a long time! My concerns were addressed by your review, ’38 states still have to ratify what comes out of it’, and the follow up concerns by the Compact for America (CFA).

I came across the idea from a friend of mine from school who seemed to be really excited about the process and could not answer any of my objections or questions. I’m more comfortable with the idea now but agree that a good deal of educating of the public would have to take place. If the vehicle of the CFA was in place and the public was aware and supportive I could see it making a difference.

Before this I was reliant on nullification only, but, I can see how the Buchanan ‘public choice theory’ just meant that I was at best slowing down the inevitable. Now I see nullification as a sort of a skirmish or battle to provide more time to put into place the things necessary to win. The winning strategy appears to be this CFA vehicle and Article V convention or secession. Either way requires a great deal of education, motivating, and dedication. The ‘con-con’ seems much more obtainable and far less bloody.