Reply To: All or some


I had made almost all the same observations and come to the same conclusions before reading this post. Amusingly enough I am also an English teacher.min my case in Spain. So of course the fact of the adjective modifying the word “men” and “honest” also bothered me. The search for what the speaker is actually attempting to assert is indeed an art for the reasons you stated. The speaker sometimes is not gramatically rigorous and would express one thing in a manner that I would mark as incorrect on a students exam. This puts us in a quandry doesnt it? Shouldnt we depend upon the speaker expressing himself clearly? Doesnt our whole logical game depend upon the speaker clearly defining the terms, the propositions and indeed everything that we are to assess? Otherwise we are throwing a spanner into our logical works. Well that sId… I am only three videos into the logic course so perhaps I can take it easy. I have one of the books from the reading list and am plodding through it in an attempt to grasp it all. Kim still getting the exercises wrong so… Guess Ill repeat the last two classes before going on.