Reply To: A few things I feel would add value to the LC product


I agree with you, Clint, on many aspects. It seems the earlier lectures were the trial-n-error, phase (Early American history) but as they progressed, they get much better. I found it best if you approach LC as an additional learning source. Some lectures seem to require a certain amount of prior knowledge. Not much different to how college and university courses are. For example, the lectures on Civil war focus mainly on the political aspect and not so much the battles fought. Though, I have to say, the political aspect was what I was mostly interested in anyway.

I do find the forums board rather cumbersome. Software like Vbulletien would allow more editing and less “bare bones” approach to discussion boards. But this is how things go with newer sites. I think with time, and an ear to the consumer, LC will get better each year. I plan to continue purchasing subscriptions as long as it seems that things are improving, and not staying stagnant.