Reply To: A few things I feel would add value to the LC product


After going through the entirety of the Constitutional history course I can say that I enjoyed it.
A few positives about it:

-The videos seem to be much a much smaller size versus the older lectures, as well as being a different format. Having moved to a very rural area since my signing up at LC, the smaller size is nice for quick downloads whenever I can nab bandwidth.
-I like having a Powerpoint to follow as well as a video of the lecturer in the lower corner.
-This format works very well with mobile devices (I use a kindle fire) as it takes up less hard drive space and the Powerpoint is in the video itself

-The only downside is the video of the lecturer is relatively small, but worth the tradeoff of having the Powerpoint included.

I am 2/3s of the way through the Us History to 1877 course and can compare it to the constitutional course:
-The video of the lecturer is easier to see, but the data size can be quite a bit bigger. If you have a reliable internet connection (I do not and am writing this at the library 15 minutes away from my house) the size aspect is negligible.
-I prefer to watch these lectures on my PC if there is a Powerpoint I can reference because having multiple applications open is much easier than on my Kindle.

-Out of the two different formats I would prefer the Constitutional course format over the other.

-I know server space can be pricey but a zip folder of video lectures (appropriately numbered and labeled) with the available resources included would also make gathering the courses much user friendly.

Again, overall good work and I look forward to the newly released lectures.