Reply To: Karl Marx on the Secession


Professor McClanahan’s presentation on Secession puts this nonsense to rest.

The Conventions were elected by the people, and then conventions decided whether to secede. The secession ordinances were signed by the Governors only AFTER the popularly elected conventions had voted.

Marxists have always been for centralization of power. When the Cold Wra ended,Marxist historian Eric Foner lamented the fact that Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania were leaving the Soviet Union without asking for permission of their overlords in Moscow.

Notice that the quote has to do with concerns that the seceded states were coerced into joining the CONFEDERACY. Let’s remember that succeeded states did not immediately join the Confederacy(it was not formed until 1861). This comes from the problem of treating the Secession and the Civil War as the same thing, when in fact the Civil War is the Northern reaction. Modern Statist propaganda still tries to make it look like the South seceded and then almost immediately declared war.