Reply To: Preferred course order?


Thanks @JasonCox! I’m currently through both of the WesternCiv classes and into History of Political Thought. I admit I put a pause on Introduction to Logic after getting about halfway through. Main reason is I took an Introduction to Philosophy class before and have good exposure to the topic. Secondary reason is that this particular topic, combined with Gerard Casey’s teaching style (more dry, explain directly from slides) requires more visual concentration than I could budget at the time. Tertiary reason is I am biased towards learning about history :). Jason Jewell’s approach/topic of Western Civ was much easier for me to listen to while driving etc. I am seeing a similar thing with History of Political Thought (also taught by Casey) but this topic is more ‘listenable’ than the Logic class, and has provided some good insights on early social structure and political motivations. I plan to work in Logic at some point, helpful but maybe not crucial for some of the history/timelines, but once you’re focusing directly on critiques of political or economic theory I think it is important to have better grasp on the logical element. The journey continues! 🙂