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Here is a sample of what I have in mind. I am quite aware that there really is nothing new here for members of this group. I am targeting this work for people like my family that have no exposure to these ideas. Any comments are welcome.

One Ring to Rule Them All (Part 1)
In J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, the “One Ring” was an artifact of dark and awesome power. When wearing the “One Ring”, the Dark Lord Sauron dominates all other Rings of Power; and eventually, he hopes, all of Middle-earth.

In the early 20th century a new and real, albeit equally dark, “One Ring” emerged with the replacement of sound money (– by fiat currency. Central bankers emerged as the modern, real-world, suit wearing versions of the Dark Lord Sauron. Their ability to literally create currency anointed them with the Super Power of dominating all other ring holders, in the worlds of politics, media, entertainment, academia, military, law enforcement, elections and many more. Opponents of the currency creation class are silenced and dismissed, while supporters find their pathways cleared. As an example, try telling an economics PhD sponsor that you would like to approach your doctoral studies from an Austrian Economics perspective. Good luck! You probably won’t gain acceptance into the PhD program; and if you do graduate, finding a job won’t be easy.

The point here is not that the Federal Reserve committee members are deciding who’s accepted into PhD programs or what gets covered on the 6 o’clock news. Rather, by directing trillions of dollars into “friendly organizations” the world over, the Federal Reserve builds an army of agents who know where their bread is buttered and who actively work to support the currency creation story. As a result, a dominant narrative driven by the currency creators’ agenda reigns supreme.

In a world of sound money, the flow of funds to dependent organizations would cease along with its accompanying power and influence. The power of the individual would rise again. Change Money Change Everything.