Reply To: Market Regulation


The classic works in this area are by Frederic Bastiat, especially Economic Sophisms and Harmonies of Political Economy.

Milton Friedman’s book, Free to Choose, has a few relevant chapters:

Robert Higgs’s book, Against Leviathan addresses the issue:

F.A Hayek grappled with the issue in two famous articles, The Use of Knowledge in Society and Competition as a Discovery Procedure:

Israel Kirzner’s works discuss the issue. For example, Competition and Entrepreneurship:

For some modern “spontaneous order” works, you might consult the article by Peter Leeson, “Anarchy Unbound: How Much Order Can Spontaneous Order Create,” in Handbook of Contemporary Austrian Economics.

Also, take a look at the book, Out of Poverty, by Ben Powell in which he explains how markets give the proper social context for helping the poor and how state regulation makes their condition worse.