Reply To: Government Debt and Wealth Inequality


Not to be a killjoy, but the greatest influence on becoming wealthy is the desire to accumulate wealth. The problem that most people have is that they simply consume. They do not consider investment. Investment starts with, and continues with the desire to “save” and “grow”. Even thinking about your consumption with an eye toward investing is how wealth is built.

No one will argue that spending on college in order to get the knowledge to get into a good paying field is an investment. But going to college “just to go and experience the college life” without the above aim is just consumption.

Buying a car is probably always a matter of consumption (unless you are a taxi driver) But even buying a car can have an “investment” angle to it if you consider perhaps fuel economy or the ability to buy one large enough so your family doesn’t need two. It is all consumption, but with an eye toward saving money so you can “put it away”. (not so you can buy more beer)

So yes, the intricacy of how the wealthy can take advantage of “new money” is a driver….but if you don’t have money (savings) or mindset to even “play in the investment game”, then you can change the rules on investment and nothing short of wholesale redistribution plans will give aid to those not taking care of their own business.