Reply To: Full Employment, Cycles, Etc


Metrics for investment can be found here:

The BLS link does not work for me. So here’s the unemployment data from another source:

The unemployment rate has fallen steadily from its peak in Oct. 2009 of 10% to current rate of 3.9%. The reason for this is that the Fed under Obama kept monetary inflation going straight through the bust and so the economy went into another boom without experiencing a significant period of normalcy (i.e., a genuine recovery). You can see that this has been the general pattern of Fed behavior since the collapse of Bretton-Woods in 1971. Before then, there were plateaus for the unemployment rates at normal levels after recessions. For example, after 1955 unemployment stays steady for several years at 4% and again in the late 1960s. But since 1971, there are no significant period of steady, normal unemployment rates. (The plateaus in the 1970s and 1980s are short and at historically high rates around 7%.) And since the mid-1980s, unemployment is either steadily rising or steadily sinking. The Fed is the cause of this pattern.