Reply To: The Introduce Yourself Thread


What is your name? Michael Crow

How do you describe yourself ideologically?
I’m a small “l” libertarian. I do and have worked with LP folks but don’t agree with a lot of things the party does. I would describe myself as an anarcho capitalist but believe that the it’s not practical to push an agenda that only the end goal is acceptable when we’re light years away from it. I believe that we need to to take a step by step approach to achieving anarcho capitalism.

To make my stance simple, people should be able to do whatever they like so long as they don’t harm anyone or their property.

How did you first hear about Tom Woods?
I don’t recall, I think I just googled “libertarian podcasts” and it came up. Been hooked every since, probably 2 years now.

Facebook and Twitter profiles?

Other Fun facts about you?
I don’t eat gluten. Not because I’m a hipster but because I have Celiac Disease. I First watch Night of The Living Dead when I was 7, been a fan of horror movies and books ever since.

Courses your looking forward too?

All of them.