Reply To: The Introduce Yourself Thread


What is your name?
Thomas Freese

How do you describe yourself ideologically?
Libertarian An-Cap

How did you first hear about Tom Woods?
Probably a link from because reading The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History was my first into to Tom’s work. Then in late 2014 I started listening his podcasts. Hooked ever since.

Facebook and Twitter profiles?
Thomas Freese on Facebook; has my book reviews.

Other Fun facts about you?
I live in Atlanta.
I’m a former D-1 baseball at the University of Michigan. I love sports. Played and coached basketball. Played football. Play competitive tennis and volleyball now. I enjoy attending and watching pro and college games.
I’m an advocate of Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint.
My path to libertarian-ism starts with Walter E. Williams. After hearing him sub for Rush Limbaugh I read his book More Government means Less Freedom. That clicked with me. I was active in the LP locally in Georgia from 1999 to 2002. I was and am a Harry Browne fan. I discovered Ron Paul in this phase.

Courses your looking forward too?
I have gone through Trails West (loved it) and the 10 best/worst presidents (loved this one too). I’m in the middle of Western Civ to 1500. I’ve read Brion’s book How Alexander Hamilton Screwed up America (review at so I would be interested how the course covers it. Next I’m interested in the remaining history courses first.

I would love if there was some sort of course comparing Western Civilization more directly with other notable cultures since Christ. In China, Africa (like the Gold Coast), Japan, and Muslim empires. Leftest attacks of Western Civilization implies life would be by default better without it by highlighting negative things like imperialism and slavery. Of course taking for granted the good things like individual liberty, prosperity, innovation, life expectancy, etc… The Trails West does a little of this with indigenous tribes. I liked the comment about the Aztecs being the Nazi’s of their day, LOL.

I’m also interested in African-American history that aligns with liberty. People like SB Fuller, Booker T Washington, etc. Maybe a course on Thomas Sowell books, lol. I have particular interest in this in part because my grand kids are African-American.