Reply To: Correct order to listen?


I’ve been listening to them on the iPhone app, and it has them numbered in the same order as the course main webpage. I’m on #06 Cicero and the Natural Law, and so far the order has made good sense:

00 Why Mythology Matters
01 Logos and Mythos
02 Heraclitus and Stoicism
03 Zeno and Stoicism
04 Virgil and George Washington
05 Virgil and Livy
06 Cicero and the Natural Law
07 Cicero and the Natural Law, Part II
08 Sanctifying the Pagan
09 The City of God and the Divine Comedy
10 Why Tolkien Despised Democracy
11 Tolkien and Imagination
12 Tolkien and World War I
13 Tolkien and Mythology I
14 Tolkien and Mythology II
15 Tolkien and Free Will
16 Tolkien and Heroism