Reply To: Contracts have same problems as Constitutions?


You can see the full diagram here.

Basically it describes the ultimate causes as economic, arising from the natural desire to specialize and delegate. As soon as someone starts freely delegating defense services to someone else, the chain of events is set in motion that leads ultimately to the State.

Also, in your last post, you mention several undesirable effects associated with the establishment of the State:

    Herd instinct
    Yearning for paternal authority
    Tendency to gang up under a leader
    Fear of liberty
    Fear of responsibility
    Irksomeness of responsibility
    Desire for self-transcendence (misdirected)
    Human cascade
    Habit of obedience
    Ideological supports
    Culture of subservience (“born as serfs”)
    Consent to servitude

I believe all of these have economic considerations at their root. Here is a diagram illustrating it.

You can see the full image here.

In other words, all these undesirable effects, and the State itself, all originate from simple, straightforward economic motivations.