Reply To: US default on its debt and the future of the US


I am no clairvoyant, but I surely do not believe that the USA will break apart because of a default… has happened before and we are still here. But the main question is what will the country do to get back to solvent, and that is something that SHOULD scare everyone because they will clearly have to find ways to scrape wealth from the citizens.

How is the question, and that is our task to divine so that we might step aside and be spared. BTW: This strong desire will more likely cause a strengthening of the central powers as people quake in fear and look there for a savior. (but they needed to look to the past for the easy solutions are all back in time… that point there will only be difficult and unpleasant solutions….and you don’t want to be rolled over)

We need to be invested in some form of productive capacity that will not be taken from us.