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What is your name? Quentin Lewis

How do you describe yourself ideologically? I started out as a supporter of Ronald Reagan, so I suppose you might say I was conservative, and I was driven by his “Government isn’t the solution, Government is the problem” message:
So I call myself a libertarian, though I am no fan of parties, and so have kept my distance from even our own organization.

How did you first hear about Tom Woods?
I had loved the message of Ron Paul, and I think I met Tom at one of the Liberty Forum events in NH where he was signing books. I came to love podcasts many years ago, and eventually sucked up one of his for my long drive to work…..I was hooked! Bob Murphy came along into my life though those podcasts.

Facebook and Twitter profiles?

Other Fun facts about you?

Courses your looking forward too?
I love courses of economics…..I try to figure out our future and how to negotiate it, so learning all I can in this area is actually fun!

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