Reply To: Constitutional Convention


Hello there,

I read your post, and I find your thoughts on a Constitutional Convention interesting. I agree with Dr. Gutzman that the General government today does not function or look like the government of 1789. The out of control legislature passing laws not enumerated in the Constitution, presidential war powers and others, and don’t even get me started on the SCOTUS.

I have pondered this same question about a second convention, and while I don’t think the Constitution as ratified was any hinderance to liberty, I think the bigger question is: “Is a Constitution actually the best means of creating and limiting a government?” I don’t hold the the Constitution to be this holy document that shouldn’t be touched or altered, but I have to think about how the Union throughout American history has slowly moved more toward centralization. I bet even Hamilton would be scared of what our government looks like now. So, once again, is a Constitution really the best solution to rein in government and enhance peoples’ liberties? I find this question to be very interesting. I do agree that a second convention isn’t a bad thing at all, and I would love to be involved in a second Constitutional Convention, but I would also like to discuss perhaps an alternative to restricting government that is more effective that a Constitution.

I do not have an answer To this other than somehow educating the common citizen about liberty and history, but it seems so inadequate especially if the government gets its paws on the educational system like it already does in the States. This is something to ponder. Just my thoughts.