Reply To: Can we ask questions on anarcho-capitalism here?


I wrote the question supposing that abortion constitutes the murder of an innocent human being. I know the question is not settled in libertarianism but it is settled within Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism. Since I’m Orthodox, I am libertarian to the extent that it is compatible with Orthodoxy.

I was asking whether there would be more abortions in the ideal ancap society vs the ideal minarchist society. I think there would be less abortions in an ancap society vs the society we have now! Definitely. The “baby market” and 0 funding for planned parenthood, etc. would probably mean less abortions. I think the question is much more interesting if we’re thinking of a Mises/Ron Paulian minarchist society vs a Rothbardian anarchist society.

All that being said, your comments about minarchism were very interesting! I guess I “want” to be an ancap because I’m attracted to the purity if it. Haha

Good day MichaelSouth.