Reply To: Can we ask questions on anarcho-capitalism here?


1) Abortion is legal now. Do you think there would be more abortion in an ancap society?

2) Abortion is not open and shut from a libertarian perspective (since there are arguments about making the mother a slave to the fetus–I’m not advocating for this view, just saying that it exists). Have you listened to ? I thought they handled it really well. The best way to reduce abortion is probably to communicate with and teach people.

3) Just for the record I’m not 100% ancap either, and I don’t think you should feel pressured to be. They say minarchism will just lead to bigger government. What did we have before we had any government? Anarchism, right? So what did it lead to? Similarly to the approach in the Tom Woods Show episode above, I think we need people to learn to reign in their governments. You’re only going to have anarchism if everyone agrees with it, otherwise they will form a government. If you think you can get everyone to agree to anarchism (and stick to it), you should be able to get everyone to agree to minarchism (and stick to it).