Reply To: The Introduce Yourself Thread


What is your name? Robbie Morgan

How do you describe yourself ideologically? I am a recovering Progressive Leftist. I would have referred to myself as a Liberal, but have since learned that moniker is inaccurate. I like to think of myself now as more of a chalkboard that was once full of presumed conclusions but is now mostly wiped clean and rewriting itself with the truth. I am coming further into Libertarianism and hungry for information. Thus, I am here.

How did you first hear about Tom Woods? Internet searches for Libertarian podcasts. His name comes up a lot. Also caught him on the Jason Stapleton Show.

Facebook and Twitter profiles?

Other Fun facts about you? I was a Bernie Sanders supporter in early 2016. Oh, you said “fun facts” not sad facts. I have been working with a boxing coach for over a year now and I am about to start knifemaking and blacksmithing as a hobby.

Courses your looking forward too? I just joined today, and judging by my misguided past I am going to start with the “Introduction to Logic” course. 🙂