Reply To: Santifying the Pagan


Your comments on Stephen King really resonate. Stephen King is a ridiculously good writer–maybe the best in my very limited experience; however, his stories are so dark and despairing that I personally prefer the stories of Dean Koontz. Also, given that I am more prone to thinking than reading (working on that) it is amazing at how often my thoughts from no other source, secularly, than my own reasoning echo thoughts of many philosophers throughout the ages and much of the thought within the Catholic Church. Things such as the fear of God–the terrifying reality of our fallen nature when compared to the fullness and goodness of God, and, the beautiful aspect of our suffering that, even though it is not of our choice, we still can offer it up for truth’s sake–thus becoming a very profound sacrifice. Your courses are enriching my life more than you could know. I only hope that the experience has benefits for humanity that we are unable to fully grasp; especially, because to try to share these affections seems so dampening.