Reply To: The Desacralization of Nature


“From gods, spirits, or “fairy” – to use Tolkien’s term, being present in the world we moved to a mechanistic world produced by a single architect, where all things are objects or mere “creatures” following the divine plan. It was then but a small move to banish the architect and be left with a blind clockwork universe.”

I don’t think this was as much a result of the move to monotheism as the rise of Newtonian physics. Up until that moment, the laws of the heavens were thought to be different from the laws that governed the earth. Newton showed they were one and the same. That’s the real importance of gravity and contributed to the rise a mechanistic view of the world (and political theory). Then, under Darwin and evolution, the view of society shifted toward an evolving organism (which is where we get the “Living Constitution” that the government can ignore because society has evolved beyond its restrictions).