Reply To: Poverty and economic freedom vs Welfare


Studies of poverty are notoriously shoddy. Cross-country studies are especially problematic. If you look at just the U.S., the poverty rate was declining until LBJ’s war on poverty. Take a look at the work at the Independent Institute:

Charles Murray made this point in his book, Losing Ground.

Thomas Sowell has done some good work on poverty. Take a look at his book, Poverty, Wealth, and Politics:

Here Sowell points out that market reforms have lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty in China in the last three decades:

Henry Hazlitt wrote an entire book on that point:

Here is a Mises Institute wiki on poverty:

Here’s a recent Mises Daily article:

Another point is that private charity actually works to reduce poverty whereas government programs do not. Here is Michael Tanner:

Marvin Olasky has written about this as well: